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Verena Rathkolb, BA

Recruiting Partner

Verena has been supporting the electrical engineering recruiting team since October 2022. Her passion for HR arose during her bachelor’s and master’s programs in Healthcare and Tourism Management at the JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences.

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8 Facts about Verena

  • Likes to keep a good overview
  • Loves planning and organizing
  • Expresses her creative side by baking cakes
  • Absolutely family-oriented
  • Loves communicating and networking, true to Paul Watzlawick’s words: “You can’t communicate too much”
  • Coffee is her life elixir
  • Post-its and to-do lists are the key to everything
  • Loves Austria, but does need the ocean

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Verena:

Her creativity and curiosity when it comes to new things.

Verena Rathkolb1
Verena Rathkolb2

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