5 Steps to Your Dream Job with epunkt

The quest for the perfect job can be an adventure. Let us join you on this journey of discovery. We won’t leave you on the curb; your career coach is happy to guide you. Get in and depart for “mission: dream job” with epunkt.

Bewerbung zum Traumjob

1. Create Your Profile & Get Going

Create your free profile on epunkt.com - it’s quick and easy. We make your job search smoother with a number of benefits. One of them is your personal career coach.

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2. Apply & let us court you

Search for your dream job from approximately 1,000 offers
and apply with just a few clicks. Or the other way around: if your career coach finds a suitable job for you, they will reach out to you.

3. Personal interview

You’ll get all the relevant information about the job during a personal interview. Additionally, we want to discover who you are and what is important to you - professionally & personally.

4. Second round: introduction & saying yes

If you are interested in the job, we’ll pass your profile along to our client. If it’s a match, you will be invited to an interview. We would be glad to brief you before the interview. If the chemistry is right, then it’s time for you to accept the offer.


5. Mission accomplished & we’ll keep in touch

We are thrilled that your mission was accomplished. Of course you are welcome to contact your career coach with questions or to ask for additional support.

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Set Off on an Adventure

We invite you to a personal interview in our discoverer rooms. Reinhold Messner’s ice bear, Indiana Jones’ legendary hat, James T. Kirk’s spaceship and many more exciting rooms await your discovery in our offices in Linz, Vienna and Graz. You can leave the butterflies in your stomach outside.

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