The Best Job Application Tips

Good preparation makes a better impression. It is easier to create an appealing application, a professional head shot, and a well-structured resume than you might think.


Bewerbung zum Traumjob

Before the application phase: The preparation and self-analysis

Where am I now and where do I want to go? You need clarity to plan your career:

  1. Analyse your goals and aspirations along with your strengths and weaknesses. Is my current job a good fit for my career plans or should I consider quitting or changing jobs?
  2. Find out which positions come into question for you and compare the job ad with your career profile. Do you need additional training or experience?
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Create a fabulous application

A good application is the ticket to your new job. Take plenty of time to get all the documents relevant to your application in shape.

Our career coaches are happy to share the wisdom they’ve gained over the course of numerous job interviews and will reveal what is really important during the application process.

1. Resume: the Centrepiece of the Application

Your resume is the only thing that counts in the application phase. The goal of your resume, or C.V., is to convince the recruiter of your abilities (hard & soft skills), your experience, and your education in an attractive and well-structured form. Because your personal presence is important along with your skills, you should include an application photo in the form of a professional head shot.

Sample Resume for Young Professionals

Sample Resume for Experienced Professionals

2. The Cover Letter: Your Introduction to the Application

In the past, the purpose of the classic cover letter was to convince the recruiter that you were the right candidate for the job. These days, more and more companies - including epunkt - no longer require a cover letter. A complete digital resume or career profile is usually sufficient for the first application. In some fields - in particular creative ones - a well-written cover letter can be the icing on the cake.

3. Certificates, Report Cards, References & Work Samples as Proof of Quality

Quality over quantity is the order of the day when you think about annexes, certificates, and the like. Only attach those documents that highlight those abilities of yours relevant to the requirements in the job ad.


After the Application Is Before the Job Interview

You’ve been invited to a job interview? Congratulations. Perfect preparation is half of success.

Knowledge is power. Learn about the posted job, prepare good answers for the most important questions in recruiting and think about 2-3 suitable questions for your interviewer.

Self-Confident and Professional Appearance. Your clothing, hair style, body language and your self-confident presence can and will influence the recruiter’s decision.

Job Benefits and Salary Negotiations. This is not the time to be nervous and self-effacing. Figure out how to request the salary that you are worth. Typically you should talk about the gross monthly or annual salary including fringe benefits.

✩✩✩ To calculate the net salary, use our gross-net-calculator.✩✩✩

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