Sandra deringer
Sandra deringer 2

Mag. Sandra Schuster-Deringer, Bakk.

Agile Projectleader

Part of epunkt since June 2013. Recruiting IT specialists since 2015. Her specialty: software engineering. Sees herself as a partner for clients and candidates for the long-term, with the goal of making both sides happy. Internally, she is responsible for compliance with the quality guidelines in the recruiting process, mentoring, and the personal development of recruiting partners.

Contact / Location
epunkt Vienna
Universitätsring 8/6
1010 Vienna

10 Facts about Sandra

  • A foodie. Believes there is no good day without good meals. Doesn’t like breakfast, though.
  • Prefers grapes WITH seeds.
  • Loves animals. Especially cats. Will probably be a crazy cat lady when she is old.
  • (Almost) done building her house successfully
  • Well-balanced and positive personality. But she has other sides, too! ;-)
  • No day without music.
  • Avowed series junkie.
  • Tries to do sports regularly. Fails on the “regular” part.
  • Fan of board games (Talisman, Risk, Elfenland, and many others).
  • Loves GIFs and memes. Uses them liberally in communication with colleagues. :-)

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Sandra:

Her well-balanced and humorous nature. How she is always open for new things and always has an open ear for colleagues.

Sandra deringer
Sandra deringer 2

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