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Theresa Blaimschein-Singer, MSc

Teamlead Sourcing

After graduating from the University of Graz with a master’s in Business and Economics with a major in Business Informatics and Operations Research, she was sourced by a colleague and joined the epunkt family in 2016. What she especially appreciates about her roles as team lead in sourcing and trainer at the Recruiting Campus are the variety, the challenges, and the opportunity to share ideas and move them forward.

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9 Facts about Theresa

  • Loves clever puns. That is why every team session ends with a round of jokes.
  • Analytical numbers person. Likes to lose herself in KPIs and stats.
  • High quality standards. Eye for detail.
  • Optimistic free spirit. Likes to travel, but also likes to stay home with a good book or movie.
  • Feels blissful when she takes s deep breath on a mountain or in the forest.
  • Likes to laugh a lot. Often with / because of team colleague Thomas.
  • Asks herself how anyone can survive without Spotify. But likes live music the best.
  • Has a weakness for culinary delights and taste explosions. But please no cilantro.
  • Likes deep discussions. And enthusiastic people. And the smell of winter.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Theresa:

Her calmness and composure along with her good intuition – especially in difficult situations – no matter what problem is to be solved.

IT Recruitment Active Sourcing
2020 Mitarbeiterfoto Linz 4896
Theresa singer 2

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