Stefan Gabler
Stefan Gabler

Stefan Gabler, MSc

BI- and Application-Engineer

Joined the epunkt team in 2021 to take care of data and analyses. Prior experience in the energy and retail industries. As an economist, numbers always tell him a story and he wants to find these stories at epunkt.

Contact / Location
epunkt Vienna
Universitätsring 8/6
1010 Vienna

8 Facts about Stefan

  • Likes to walk in circles when thinking.
  • Is a big fan of old Persian rugs.
  • Gathers data where he finds them.
  • Is very patient unless you have to wait.
  • Doesn’t believe that one person alone can find the best solution.
  • Always pleased when there is something to calculate.
  • Doesn’t like discussions for discussion’s sake.
  • Has read Harry Potter far too many times.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Stefan:

His enthusiasm for discovering new things and making them useful.

Stefan Gabler
Stefan Gabler

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