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Teamlead Recruiting

Part of the epunkt family since 2016. As the team lead for the domain business applications in Linz, he supports his team and our clients in the search for experts and leaders in this area. Has felt at home in the world of IT since attending the HTL Leonding technical school and is a specialist for the IT sector at epunkt.

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8 Facts about Sinisa

  • Passionate nerd.
  • Born problem solver.
  • Team player out of conviction.
  • Serious about his jokes.
  • Excessively proud papa.
  • Culinary repeat offender.
  • Serbo-Croatian orator.
  • Curious explorer of the world.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Sinisa:

He always tries to understand the big picture; that is how he finds win-win opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden. Understands both people and technology.

Sinisa Topic
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