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Teamlead Recruiting

Part of the epunkt family since 2016. Currently advises clients as a senior sales consultant on all topics regarding recruiting. Feels at home in the IT world since attending the HTL Leonding and is a specialist for that industry at epunkt. Maintains long-term relationships based on reciprocity and transparency with his clients.

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8 Facts about Sinisa

  • Passionate nerd.
  • Born problem solver.
  • Team player out of conviction.
  • Serious about his jokes.
  • Excessively proud papa.
  • Culinary repeat offender.
  • Serbo-Croatian orator.
  • Curious explorer of the world.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Sinisa:

He always tries to understand the big picture; that is how he finds win-win opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden. Understands both people and technology.

Sinisa Topic
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