Simon Höftberger
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Simon Höftberger, BSc

Teamlead Sourcing

On the lookout for talents in the domains software engineering, IT management & digital since 2018. Looks for and finds talents in the wilds of the world wide web. Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from the JK University of Linz.

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10 Facts about Simon

  • Thinks that there is a lid for every pot (and that he’s the one who’ll find it).
  • Always stands up for his candidates.
  • Has his own organisational style.
  • Is a good listener (just ask his girlfriend).
  • Can spend an entire weekend just with his PlayStation, if he is allowed to.
  • If not, he likes to play soccer.
  • Absolute animal lover – pets everything that doesn’t flee immediately.
  • Has to have music – also likes to sing along, loudly and off-key.
  • Can cook and eat.
  • Usually thinks before adding his two cents – emphasis on “usually”.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Simon:

His high social intelligence that makes it easy for him to figure out what his counterpart needs. Delights in praise, but even more in constructive criticism. His reliability and helpfulness is appreciated, and not just by his colleagues.

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Simon Höftberger
Simon hoeftberger 2

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