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Sandra Schauer

Recruiting Partner

Sandra has been a part of the recruiting team for ERP & applications since September 2021. She comes from internal HR and strives to conduct every candidate interview with the awareness that every person has a right to a job that makes them happy. Furthermore, at epunkt she can continue to develop her knowledge of human nature and put it to good use.

Contact / Location
epunkt Linz
Harrachstraße 6
4020 Linz

8 Facts about Sandra

  • Looks forward each morning to a hot cup of coffee to start the day
  • Loves the autumn and everything it brings with it
  • A very well-structured person – she would be lost without her to-do list (and tends to write them for others)
  • Loves city trips – especially wrapped up in warm clothes in the autumn
  • Tends to ask too many questions, which can be a bit strenuous for others
  • Very honest and direct – sometimes too direct for others
  • Even though a focus on programs is sometimes easier and more fun, she is a very solution-oriented person.
  • “I’m not everybody’s darling” – but those who love her, love her even more for it 😉.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Sandra:

Her honest, direct, respectful, and appreciative approach to communication. How her experience in internal HR helps her to think in a more well-rounded way because she is well acquainted with both the client and candidate perspectives.

Sandra Schauer 1
Sandra Schauer 2

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