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Normen Banse


A controller in the epunkt finance department since January 2023. Apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, then a degree in Business and Economics, and many years of experience as a controller in the automotive industry.Came to Austria as a migrant worker from Germany 12 years ago.

Contact / Location
epunkt Graz
Herrengasse 13
8010 Graz

6 Facts about Normen

  • Loves Excel.
  • Loves the mountains (hiking, climbing).
  • Volleyball, bouldering, soccer.
  • Pizza is always an option.
  • Date on Sunday evening: Tatort.
  • Has had a pair of Converse in his closet for the last 22 years.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Normen:

His experience in controlling combined with curiosity, commitment, and service orientation along with his sunny disposition.

Normen Banse1
Normen Banse2

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