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Markus Leonhartsberger

Recruiting Partner

Spent nearly ten years at an international company, first as a mechanical engineer, then in technical documentation. Joined epunkt as a recruiting partner in engineering (with a focus on mechanical engineering) in October 2022 to help liked-minded people open new doors.

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7 Facts about Markus

  • Cat dad to Lumi & Luis
  • Always motivated to get the best out of everything and everyone
  • Born in 1997, yet already a retired (if still passionate) volleyball player
  • An engineer through and through
  • Loves to travel, no matter where!
  • Outdoorsman
  • Relaxed in every situation

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Markus:

A specialist in mechanical engineering who can take care of clients and customers perfectly.

Markus Leonhartsberger1
Markus Leonhartsberger2

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