Jennifer Plutsch
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Jennifer Arnold, BSc

Recruiting Partner

Studied economics at JKU Linz followed by several years of professional experience in commercial recruiting. Proud member of the epunkt family since 2017. Initially specialized in matching IT talents and companies. Then responsible as team lead for the IT Infrastructure & Operations domain at the Linz office. Since returning from maternity leave in January 2024 it's "back to the roots" for her in recruiting.

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9 Facts about Jennifer

  • Appreciates deep conversations (with candidates). Her enjoyment of such conversations can save her day.
  • Always wanted to do good at her job. That is why each perfect match that she accompanies totally thrills her.
  • Keeps a rather chaotic to-do list, which has never let her down in the end.
  • Enjoys new ideas and approaches, even though she needs time to get used to them. Working on it.
  • Cooking relaxes her. Much to the pleasure of her partner.
  • Has rediscovered handicrafts and enjoys nearly all of them, especially knitting.
  • Enjoys listening to a lot of music. Especially indie folk. Can never remember the names of the artists, though.
  • Is athletic, but not devoted to a particular sport. Likes to try out different things. Currently ashtanga yoga.
  • Reptiles delight her, especially snakes. Must admit she likes them more on TV than in real life.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Jennifer:

Her enthusiasm for her job. The empathy and appreciation that she brings to relationships. And her experience with recruiting and high quality standards.

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Jennifer Plutsch
Jennifer plutsch 2

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