Doreen Reithmayr
Doreen Reithmayr2

Doreen Reithmayr, BA

Recruiting Partner

Found her perfect match in the recruiting team for IT infrastructure & operations in 2022. Prior to that, worked and studied Business & Economics with a focus on Personnel Management and Organisation in Linz.

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8 Facts about Doreen

  • Early bird - usually the first person in the office.
  • Loves jokes, just can’t remember any
  • An Upper Austrian with all her heart, yet plagued constantly by wanderlust
  • Greatly values appreciation and respect and conversations as equals
  • Thinks spaghetti tastes best cut
  • Finishes what she starts
  • Absolute team player - one hand alone can’t tie a knot
  • Always curious, motivated, and hungry for knowledge

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Doreen:

Her optimism, her ability to see the big picture, and how much she enjoys working with others.

Doreen Reithmayr
Doreen Reithmayr2

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