Alexander Jörg Winter
Alexander Jörg Winter2

Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Jörg Winter, MSc.

Recruiting Partner

Got his start in concrete and management after studying Construction Engineering and then began studying Biochemical and Molecular Research. Joined epunkt in 2022 to make sure that the chemistry between job and candidate is right and the new dream job has a solid foundation

Contact / Location

8 Facts about Alexander

  • Likes Australia almost as much as Austria
  • Proud dad
  • Feels at home in Graz, Vienna, and now in Linz, too
  • The limit is the horizon, or maybe beyond
  • People always come first
  • A nice chat, a good cup of tea, good vibes on 😊
  • Lives and loves changes in perspective and thinking out-of-the-box
  • Fascinated by everything from microbes to skyscrapers

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Alexander:

How he reads between the lines, his instinct for people, and his interdisciplinary approach.

Alexander Jörg Winter
Alexander Jörg Winter2

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