Voluntary Declaration of Consent as a Candidate with epunkt

All personal designations are deemed to be gender neutral. Only the male form is used for reasons of legibility.

My express consent to the processing of my personal data by epunkt for the purpose of career advice and personnel placement (Art 6 para. 1 a, Art 9 para. 2 a GDPR)

In my capacity as the candidate or applicant for job positions, I hereby expressly consent to epunkt GmbH (hereafter referred to as “epunkt“), Harrachstraße 6, 4020 Linz, FN 210991g, processes my following personal data for the purpose of career advice and job placements:

Data when registering:

  • Personal data (first name and surname, date of birth)
  • Address data
  • Contact data (telephone number, email address)
  • Date and time (of the registration or update)
  • IP address and registration data (login, password)

Voluntary data that can be supplemented during the registration or later:

  • Application documents (curriculum vitae or certificates)
  • Career (information concerning previous employment)
  • Educational data (study or school qualification data)
  • Vocational requirements (desired extent of the employment, the desired salary, period of notice)
  • Skills & qualifications (supplementary training, certificates, languages, hobbies)

Data that are supplemented by an epunkt recruiting partner:

  • Job interviews, memos, and remarks concerning my profile (e.g. information concerning why I wish to change jobs)
  • Residence permit (from candidates from non-member states)
  • Email communication with epunkt employees
  • Job positions (that I apply for or that epunkt suggest to me)
  • Indexing of the candidate´s profile in order to find it easier

My personal data can be used for the purpose of career advice and job placements, this comprising the following processing:

  • The storage of my personal data in the epunkt candidates database in the form of a candidate profile.
  • The management of my candidate profile.
  • The acceptance and processing of my applications for specific job positions.
  • The adding of memos and supplements during job interviews.
  • The categorisation and indexing of candidate profiles (“profiling“), the search for my personal data in the candidates database and the matching of this data with job descriptions and requirements of potential employers (epunkt clients).
  • Contacting me with regard to suitable job offers by telephone, email and other forms of communication (e.g. social networks) in addition to making interview appointments and in the event of there being any questions.
  • The optional linking of my XING or LinkedIn profile with my candidate profile with epunkt and the importing of data from my XING or LinkedIn profile.
  • The forwarding of my candidate profile or analyses and recommendations derived from this to potential employers (epunkt clients).
  • Informing me of the status and result of applications.
  • As a basis for internal statistics and internal controlling (e.g. number of occupied positions).

The forwarding of my personal data can be restricted for the above purposes of career advice and for job placements in that they are only to be forwarded to the epunkt subsidiaries (Talentor Austria GmbH and Talentor International GmbH), epunkt franchise partners (see www.epunkt.com/en/u/offices-germany/) and epunkt clients (potential employers). I shall find detailed explanations concerning these categories of recipients in the Data Protection Declaration (https://www.epunkt.com/en/privacy-policy-candidates/), that I have already taken note of. My personal data is only forwarded to epunkt clients (potential employers) with my explicit consent, that I can grant during an interview, a telephone conversation or in an email. epunkt shall especially inform me and obtain my express consent before it forwards my personal data to potential employers in non-member states (outside the EU).

I will find additional information in the Data Protection Declaration (www.epunkt.com/en/privacy-policy-candidates/). I was provided with the opportunity of asking the epunkt data protection officer before I granted my consent. My consent is voluntary and is granted on the basis of the information provided in the Data Protection Declaration. I am not under any obligation to declare my consent.


I can revoke my consent with future effect by sending an email to dataschutz@epunkt.com without me having to state any grounds for this. This means that the processing that is carried out on the basis of my consent until such time as the revocation is received, is permissible.

epunkt is unable to process my data for the purpose of career advice or job placements should I not grant my consent or should I revoke my previously granted consent so that it shall not be able to offer me job positions.

By selecting the option “I consent to the processing of my data“, I hereby declare my consent to the above purposes pursuant to data protection law. I shall be sent a copy of the Data Protection Declaration that I have taken note of in the last step and the above Declaration of Consent in an email that shall be sent to the email address stated by me.

Should I not indicate my choice and I have already granted my consent to the use of my personal data in the past, then neither shall the non-indication be understood as being a revocation of the consent that I granted in the past, nor is it to be understood that I am granting this consent.