Sitraka Andria
Sitraka andriamampionona 2

Sitraka Andriamampionona


Tika has been an indispensable part of the Linz office team since December 2017. Our cheerful Madagascan delights candidates and clients daily like no one else can.

Contact / Location
epunkt Linz
Harrachstraße 6
4020 Linz

7 Facts about Sitraka

  • A Madagascan whirlwind who zips singing through the office in the morning.
  • Shake it, baby! Has rhythm in her blood.
  • As an office pearl, she always has a solution for everyone.
  • Loves tailoring clothes herself.
  • A passionate gardener.
  • Finds her inner balance hiking and in nature.
  • Caution, contagious: Tika’s good mood.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Sitraka:

Her warmth and professionalism when dealing with candidates, clients, and other team members.

Sitraka Andria
Sitraka andriamampionona 2

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