Monir Iris Forster
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Mag. Monir Iris Forster

Recruiting Partner

Part of the IT recruiting team at epunkt since March 2018 and specialised in business applications & digital transformation positions since the end of 2019.

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10 Facts about Monir Iris

  • Loves her job because she is constantly getting know new people and their stories. The nicest lesson: every person finds their own path, even if it’s not always straight.
  • Absolutely family and feeling oriented
  • Laughs louds and heartily ;).
  • Her inner monk: she always eats an odd number of pieces of chocolate or cookies.
  • Totally afraid of heights
  • Would like to be able to bake and play guitar better.
  • Rescues lizards almost every summer day from her 3 cats.
  • Picks flowers at the edge of the path when on a walk.
  • Huge fan of Tuscany – she needs to see beauty when on vacation.
  • Likes to spend time gardening.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Monir Iris:

Her talent for building up trust with clients and candidates quickly and her ability to put herself in the shoes of her clients because she can remember their previous searches.

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Monir Iris Forster
Monir forster 2

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