Michaela Moser
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Mag. Michaela Moser, M.A.

Head of Sourcing

At epunkt since March 2013 with a passion for recruiting and sourcing. Built the sourcing team in Upper Austria in the IT sector after three years of IT recruiting and head of sourcing at epunkt since April 2017. Degrees in Business and Economics and Social Economics at the JK University Linz. Master’s in Creativity & Innovation at the University of Malta.

The winner of the Active Sourcing Award shares her know-how regarding sourcing strategy and sourcing hacks as a trainer at the Recruiting Campus.

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9 Facts about Michaela

  • Loves change. You’ll never hear her say, “because it was always that way.”
  • Proactive: always one step ahead. Playing the victim and reactive behaviour don’t suit her.
  • Creative & innovative. Ideas and concepts often pour out of her. When they slow down, tools and creativity training help.
  • Enthusiastic. Intrinsically motivated. Does things with passion or not at all.
  • Numbers person.
  • Proactive, transparent, diplomatic, and solution-oriented communicator.
  • Everything for the team! Good leader with a keen sense of fairness and empathy.
  • Passionate working mum (passion both for work and for being a mum) and work-life-balance optimiser.
  • When I’m not at the office, I’m outside. Regardless of the weather.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Michaela:

Her hands-on mentality, drive, and strength at implementation. Her uncomplicated nature and how she connects departments with each other.

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Michaela Moser
Michaela moser 2

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