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Melanie Kolb-Zgaga, MSc

Recruiting Partner

Part of the crane team as a recruiting partner since 2018 matching talents in the domains software engineering and IT management with the best employers in and around Graz. Supporting people in finding the right job and being a long-term career advisor make her happy.

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10 Facts about Melanie

  • Candidates appreciate her empathy. Colleagues even more. (No need for a helpline).
  • Addressing even very difficult issues diplomatically.
  • Pragmatic. Doesn’t hesitate, just takes action.
  • Open. Impartial. Fair. Opens up a good line of communication quickly with others.
  • Knows people well. Her experience and intuition almost always (99.98%) lead to a perfect match.
  • Brightens every room with her spirit. Can even outshine the Teletubbies’ sun.
  • Likes to party (long).
  • Loves water in all its forms: salty sea, snow, ice, steam.
  • Family person. Pushing a pram starting in 2021.
  • Likes to create mnemonic aids. Especially for her last names. Like “Lady Gaga with a Z”.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Melanie:

Her joie de vivre and her warm, authentic spirit. Her tact, time management, and ability to prioritise.

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Melanie Kolb Zgaga1
Melanie zgaga 2

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