Marlene Sommer
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Mag. Marlene Sommer

Teamlead Recruiting

Passionate about recruiting since 2007. Joined epunkt in 2012, first matching IT talents with suitable employers. After her maternity leave, she joined the internal HR team in 2018 and was responsible for setup and business development of the Recruiting Campus. After the second maternity leave she returned to IT Recruiting as teamlead and domain owner for digital transformation. In the summer of 2023, she moved to the software engineering domain as a teamlead and domain owner.

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10 Facts about Marlene

  • Likes to take action and get things done, whether with regard to epunkt projects, at home, or with friends: let’s reach our (vacation) destination!
  • Inspiring: others like to join her when she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work.
  • Pragmatic to the bone. It’s hard to beat her efficiency.
  • Likes to cook, also for her colleagues. And life tastes best with a dash of humour.
  • Wears her heart on her tongue. And it’s definitely in the right place. Clarity and fairness are important to her.
  • Passionate working mum. Makes it all work with a lot of love and determination.
  • A bookworm when she’s not too tired in the evening.
  • Grounds herself with exercise, whether a centring Asana or a sweat inducing HIIT.
  • Feels out of balance when she doesn’t have a trip planned. As far away as possible.
  • Is known for her puns. Tries not to take life too seriously.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Marlene:

How she takes action and gets things done. Her enthusiasm for (challenging) projects. Connects to clients quickly and understands their needs. And everything is more fun with humour.

Marlene Sommer
Marlene sommer 2

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