Lisa Schätz
Lisa schaetz 2

Lisa Schätz, MSc

Teamlead Sourcing

Master’s degree in Social Economics from the Vienna University of Business and Economics. Joined the epunkt sourcing team in September 2018. Gained experience in recruiting during her studies.

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10 Facts about Lisa

  • Loves dumb jokes.
  • All the office dogs know who has the best treats.
  • (search) AND (talents OR specialists OR “perfect match”)
  • First task every day: organising lunch
  • Passion for discovering new countries and cultures
  • Likes things well-balanced and harmonious, but not afraid of a cleansing conflict.
  • Loves an urban environment as a contrast to life in the countryside.
  • As a libra, she keeps change and permanence in balance.
  • Athletic and tenacious in searching for and finding solutions. Otherwise not averse to the TV sofa.
  • A small petting zoo would make her happiness complete.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Lisa:

How much she enjoys working with different personalities. Her openness and willingness to try new things.

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Lisa Schätz
Lisa schaetz 2