Katrin Riegler
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DI Katrin Riegler, BSc

Recruiting Partner

Bachelor and master’s degrees in Information Management from the Joanneum University of Applied Sciences in Graz. Multiple years of experience in IT support, SharePoint/Office 365 consulting & development as well as client support. Joined the epunkt IT recruiting team in December 2017 with a focus on software engineering since 2019. Also takes care of development and maintenance of epunkt’s intranet, “emil”.

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10 Facts about Katrin

  • Originally from Carinthia, but in Upper Austria, her current home, people think she is speaking a Styrian dialect.
  • Knows epunkt both as a candidate and as an employee. Didn’t just find her first job through epunkt, but her husband, too.
  • Loves music. Self-made or self-listened to. In (nearly) all genres.
  • Cello student. Working on a career as a professional cellist.
  • Loves to sing. Usually in a choir, but also solo when she gathers all her courage.
  • Happiest travelling the world in her VW van. Even loves doing the dishes when camping.
  • Has more than two bicycles and sets of skis and enjoys using them. Otherwise she’s on foot, preferably for long stretches.
  • Also has a love-hate relationship with jogging, depending on the day.
  • Book worm. Could just read. And read. And read. And keep reading.
  • Loves soup with sliced crêpes. She could bathe in it.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Katrin:

Her professional background in IT and software engineering along with her high quality standards. Doesn’t like leaving a to-do for later.

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Katrin Riegler
Katrin riegler 2

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