Julia Samitz
Julia Samitz2

Ing. Julia Samitz

Recruiting Partner

Joined epunkt as a recruiting partner for engineering positions in November 2021. After eight years as a software engineer in the logistics branch, she dared to take the plunge into recruiting. Her know-how in software and engineering help her find the perfect candidate for even the most complex position.

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9 Facts about Julia

  • Considers herself a realist: an optimist with experience.
  • Sticks strictly to the motto: go big or go home!
  • Always plans everything. Surprises are not her thing.
  • “Please” and “thank you” are even more important to her than the all-important first cup of coffee in the morning.
  • Could easily join the murder squad thanks to her addiction to true crime podcasts.
  • Appreciates her home more than ever thanks to her worldwide travels in her previous job.
  • Death-defying lion trainer! Well, maybe more the overbearing cat mom…
  • Humour is the button that keeps Julia from blowing her top.
  • Reads all the Harry Potter books at least 2x per year. In English.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Julia:

How easy she finds in with her open and light- hearted character to communicate with candidates with respect and find the right job.

Julia Samitz
Julia Samitz2

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