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Mag. Hildegard Lidauer, BSc

Recruiting Partner

Hilde is a recruiting partner in the domain sales, marketing & HR. She studied Business and Dietology. In addition to professional experience at a bank, she is self-employed in the field of nutrition and loves the combination of contact to clients and candidates. There is a lot that connects her two professional worlds: an interest in each person, the conviction, that there is a perfect match for everyone, and her enthusiasm for and openness to new paths.

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9 Facts about Hildegard

  • Loves professional matchmaking. But dreams of creating an online platform for singles.
  • Loves her first name, even though it reminds many people of their grandmothers.
  • Enjoys dancing – and marching to the beat of a different drummer
  • Offers philosophy instruction in the mountains
  • An improver. With a tendency for impatience.
  • Also offers her opinion. Usually constructively.
  • Enjoys white chocolate (as a dietician, she of course indulges in private)
  • Wednesday night = “Farmer Wants a Wife” on TV
  • No matter what anyone else says, always sing your own song.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Hildegard:

Her instinct for people and their potential, her experience in consulting, and her willingness to go the extra mile.

Hildegard Lidauer 1
Hildegard Lidauer 2

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