Mag. Gudrun Kurath-Koller

Recruiting Partner

As a Recruiting Partner, Gudrun is responsible for the Electrical Engineering division. In her career to date, she has gained extensive experience in personnel consulting in the technical and commercial sectors.

Contact / Location
epunkt Graz
Herrengasse 13
8010 Graz

7 Facts about Gudrun

  • Likes to start the day with sports: let the good coffee flow!
  • Ring leader of the family circus (mom of 2 children). Organization is everything.
  • Creative soul: from handmade greeting cards to elaborate table decorations
  • Master of upcycling: transforms old things into new ones and uses them to beautify her home
  • Nature and garden lover: for her, weeds are just another form of grass art
  • Music fan: Music makes everything better
  • Life motto: If not now then when

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Gudrun:

Gudrun is a balanced, creative and motivated person who appreciates different facets of life and pursues a wide range of interests.


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