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Felix Prieler, MBA

Senior Sales Consultant

After completing his studies in Tourism Management he joined the HR sector in sales and recruiting in 2010. Prior to that he worked in the gastronomy, hotel, and service industries. He is at epunkt since June 2014.

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10 Facts about Felix

  • Only drinks tea. Tea… tea… no coffee … just tea!
  • Loves mountains and crazy about them.
  • Loves sports. Almost fanatical about sports involving rackets and/or balls.
  • Likes to cook and enjoy gourmet food.
  • Pragmatic allrounder.
  • Focused on what’s important.
  • Looks past the horizon.
  • Team player with heart and mind.
  • Creative free spirit.
  • Has an open ear and an interest in psychological and spiritual topics.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Felix:

His many years of experience, quick reaction time, goal-oriented approach to work, efficiency and trustworthiness.

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Felix prieler 1
Felix prieler 2

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