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Elmira Dadic

Payroll Accounting

Joined epunkt in June 2017, first in personnel administration and then in payroll. Previously an accountant in an advertising agency for 10 years.

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8 Facts about Elmira

  • She loves numbers so much that she expanded her responsibilities from accounting to payroll to get more of them.
  • She gets to live out her caring nature to the fullest with her 2 boys (the Thermomix supports her).
  • She can often be found on the soccer field, of course, loudly cheering on her junior.
  • Coffee is very important to her, preferably in great amounts.
  • She sees things casually and always finds a solution.
  • Is brave and up for any fun (persistently and always suggests skydiving for the team outing).
  • City trips with friends and vacations with family (both preferably with the highest possible temperatures).
  • She gets straight to the point with her direct manner.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Elmira:

Enjoys working with people, exactness and passion for numbers

2020 Mitarbeiterfoto Linz 4499
Elmira dadic 2

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