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Mag. (FH) Christina Kogler

Senior Sales Consultant

Responsible for skilfully advising clients in the IT and financial services branches as part of the sales team in Graz.
Degree in Human Resources Consultancy. In recruiting since 2009. Professional stations include a stint as inhouse recruiter at a listed company and as a headhunter and team lead for executive search and active sourcing at a recruitment agency.

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8 Facts about Christina

  • Highly motivated whirlwind
  • Enthusiastic about her clients. Even when they call her at 8 P.M.
  • Never gives up. She even still believes that she’ll be a good cook one day.
  • Has recruited (nearly) every position. An X is not a U.
  • Tries to go new ways. Unfortunately even in new cities …
  • Always open to fun and chocolate.
  • Born in 1984. Her whole heart belongs to her family, her husband, and her little daughter.
  • Likes to tell stories from her time as delegation manager for American kids travelling through Europe and as a non-profit worker in Tanzania.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Christina:

She is very experienced and does her job with a great deal of passion. Fully committed in her heart and mind to her clients and candidates.

Human Resources IT Recruitment Talent Acquisition
Christina kogler 1
Christina kogler 2

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