Anna Eichinger
Anna Eichinger 2

Anna Eichinger

Sourcing Partner

Proud to be at epunkt since December 2022 supporting the sourcing team in the engineering & SCM domains. She has completed her apprenticeship in banking and office management and now helps candidates find the perfect job instead of the right investment.

Contact / Location

8 Facts about Anna

  • Loves dogs, but unfortunately doesn’t have one yet
  • Constantly traveling, preferably in her van
  • Enjoys baking, but tries not to eat too many sweets
  • Can be found in the summer in the mountains, or on her mountain or road bike – and on skies in the winter
  • Pizza is an everyday food
  • Loves coffee
  • Enjoys talking a lot
  • A feelings-oriented person

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Anna:

Her open and warm approach to people. Always has the needs of others in focus.

Anna Eichinger
Anna Eichinger 2