Werner Gruber

MMag. Werner Gruber

Teamlead Recruiting

Loves the analogue. Understands the digital. Interested in people: what motivates and satisfies them. Believes there is a role for each person fills her or him with joy and meaning. Has been building sustainable relationships between talents/experts/leaders with professional roles at epunkt since 2015 with a focus on IT leadership positions.

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9 Facts about Werner

  • Likes to laugh.
  • Doesn’t take himself or life too seriously. But his work is serious business.
  • Credo at work: ask questions. Try to understand. Ask more questions. Match.
  • Loves similes as much as good food.
  • Prefers looking for solutions to looking for problems.
  • Namesake of the Italian epunkt company beverage.
  • Usually riding his bike when he’s not in the office.
  • Always has music in his ears.
  • Likes people and animals. Mostly. Doesn’t care for hardliner and spiders.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Werner:

The high standards of quality demands of our services, his takt for matchmaking, and eye for detail. And that the journey there can be enjoyable and relaxed.

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Werner Gruber

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