Tamina Höfinger
Tamina hoefinger 2

Tamina Höfinger, BA

Content Manager

Joined the marketing crew in July 2019 and responsible for the most beautiful area – the presents – among other things. Works not just on marketing you can touch, but also digital marketing. Bubbly and funny B2C texts flow through her fingers to the keyboard like water off a duck’s back. Her path to epunkt took her past a degree in Tourism Management and a successful law firm.

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10 Facts about Tamina

  • Shopaholic born into the body of a non-millionaire.
  • Always has a good book close to the sofa.
  • Is frenemies with Pamela Reif workouts.
  • Tries to understand everything. Even though not everything succumbs to logic.
  • Would love to spend each weekend in a different country (but that wouldn’t be ideal for her climate footprint).
  • Candy addict. Days of fasting from sweats end in short order with a spoonful of Nutella.
  • A smoothie a day makes your worries go away. And it's healthy, too.
  • Usually quiet and reserved, but not afraid to cause a stir when necessary.
  • Finds work so much easier with music flowing through the headphones.
  • Has an evil look on her face when she is concentrating, though she is actually quite nice.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Tamina:

Her open-minded approach to new tasks. And hopefully the 100th question, when she is still trying to get to the bottom of something.

Tamina Höfinger
Tamina hoefinger 2

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