Stefanie Reitmaier
Stefanie Reitmaier

Mag. Stefanie Reitmaier

Senior Sales Consultant

Joined epunkt in September 2018 as a senior sales consultant. Prior to epunkt, she was the head of sales in the media industry with a focus on job ads, employer branding, and HR development and worked in marketing and product management.

Contact / Location
epunkt Kirchbichl
Europastraße 8
6322 Kirchbichl

6 Facts about Stefanie

  • Thinks life is as wonderful as a pony farm and absolutely adores horses.
  • Loves “bad” jokes and is herself bad at telling them.
  • Likes talking quickly and is sometimes a little understand. After all, she’s from Tyrol.
  • Obsessed with proper spelling – to the annoyance of her colleagues. But she corrects them charmingly.
  • Likes to philosophise and get to the bottom of things – especially over a glass of wine.
  • A fan of mountains, both per pedes and on her mountain bike. Preferably in Tyrol – where else?

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Stefanie:

Her perspective, which is often out-of-the-box and her ability to spread good cheer in discussions with clients and candidates.

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Stefanie Reitmaier
Stefanie Reitmaier

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