Sarah Steininger
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Sarah Steininger, MA

Recruiting Partner

Joined the amazing sourcing team in September 2018 and moved to the recruiting team in November 2021. Delighted each day anew that she gets to support candidates for IT jobs find their dream jobs. Graduated with a master’s degree in Public Management and gained experience in HR at a large company. Likes talking shop with candidates and colleagues.

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10 Facts about Sarah

  • Known far and wide as a cat lover and two-time cat mom.
  • Asks at 8:00 A.M. what the plans for lunch are.
  • Starts playing the Spotify Christmas playlist in November at the latest.
  • Known among the office dogs as a generous source of treats.
  • Loves suspenseful books and good food.
  • Likes travelling far away. But home is where the heart is.
  • The creative opportunities presented by recruiting and the open and interesting conversations with candidates excite her.
  • An absolute team player – and there should always be plenty of fun. ;-)
  • Finds balance during walks and hikes outside – regardless of the season.
  • Have I mentioned the cats? #catlover

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Sarah:

Her understanding of the big picture as well as her optimistic and warm-hearted approach. And how much she enjoys discovering new things.

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Sarah Steininger
Sarah steininger 2

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