Sarah Hinterreiter
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Sarah Hinterreiter, MSc

Recruiting Partner

In IT recruiting since 2015 – always striving to find the perfect match. In the software engineering domain she does her best to find the best match between the needs and desires of her clients and candidates.

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8 Facts about Sarah

  • Likes to ask deep questions and keep digging until she understands the answer.
  • Loves it when people get to the point.
  • Likes colourful, humorous, warm-hearted, open people.
  • Is pleased by feedback when it is instant and constructive.
  • Loves all animals – but please from a distance.
  • Charges her batteries in the outdoors and likes to fall into the water when surfing.
  • Aficionado and lover of red wine.
  • Likes black humour.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Sarah:

Her recruiting experience and intuition. Warm-heartedness and honesty towards colleagues, candidates, and clients.

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Sarah Hinterreiter
Sarah hinterreiter 2

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