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Sabina Stöttinger

Sourcing Partner

Started August 2022 as a Sourcing Partner and is looking for interesting people for the domain ERP & Applications and Digital. Prior to that, Sabina was able to gain several years of experience in customer contact at an Austrian property developer, which allowed her to develop a good knowledge of human nature.

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7 Facts about Sabina

  • Loves Nutella (preferably directl spooned from the jar)
  • Appreciates humorous people
  • Likes to laugh (even at bad jokes)
  • avid reader
  • mental trainer
  • Pleasure seeker - especially when it comes to food
  • Always up for fun

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Sabina:

Her openness to new challenges, ideas and people. Is empathic and a good listener. Likes to find creative solutions instead of 0815.

Sabina Stöttinger 1
Sabina Stöttinger 2

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