Moritz Laurens Döhring
Moritz Laurens Döhring2

Moritz Laurens Döhring, MSc

Sales Consultant

Joined epunkt in 2021 as a recruiting partner for ERP and applications positions. In the meantime, Moritz is a sales consultant for companies in the IT industry. In his work it is important to him to create win-win situations for epunkt and his clients. His motto: “teamwork makes the dream work”.

Contact / Location
epunkt Vienna
Universitätsring 8/6
1010 Vienna

7 Facts about Moritz Laurens

  • Begins his day at 6:00 with yoga and meditation
  • Not afraid of that walks in the rain
  • Listens to podcasts when he’s outside
  • Travel and food are his hobbies
  • Likes speaking English and Spanish
  • Has a sense of humor and likes to laugh
  • Is a big NBA fan

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Moritz Laurens:

Shows an honest interest in his conversation partner. Has high standards for himself. Motivates others and is a real team player.

Moritz Laurens Döhring
Moritz Laurens Döhring2

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