Michael Demelmayr
Michael Demelmayr

Michael Demelmayr, BSc

Recruiting Partner

Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics with a major in Human Resources and Change Management at the JK University of Linz. Prior to that: years of experience in the logistics and shipping industry. Also has several years of experience in HR management and recruiting. Joined epunkt in the beginning of 2021 and is responsible for matching jobs and candidates in ERP & applications, digital, and SCM.

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10 Facts about Michael

  • No matter how heavy the shopping bags are – never go back to the car a second time.
  • Cannot make wine out of water but can turn pizza into breakfast.
  • Likes to take an unconventional path – except when hiking.
  • Sticks to Oli Kahn when working- “Keep going! Never stop!”
  • Has a passion for games with trading cards.
  • Likes to switch between High German and dialect when speaking – sometimes in the middle of a sentence.
  • Considers himself the Bob Ross of abstract painting.
  • Humorous – heartfelt – open
  • Loves mountain panoramas and Tyrol – good that those two things go well together!
  • Does not think that things always need to make sense. Sometimes they can just be fun.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Michael:

His humorous and intrepid approach to even the most challenging recruiting projects. A real role model when it comes to a can-do attitude!

Michael Demelmayr
Michael Demelmayr

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