Melanie Rechberger
Melanie Rechberger2

Melanie Rechberger

Recruiting Partner

Joined the engineering team in Graz as a recruiting partner in 2021. Prior to that she worked as a consultant in the banking industry and gained experience at a technical production company.

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9 Facts about Melanie

  • Is very interested in foreign cultures (especially the food 😊).
  • Likes to play tennis in the summer.
  • Loves taking walks in the great outdoors.
  • Sees change positively.
  • Goes on a hike every national holiday.
  • Extreme thirst for knowledge
  • Big fan of Styrian "buschenschank" culture
  • Considers bicycles vehicles, not sports equipment
  • Enjoys a good book on the couch

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Melanie:

Her open and communicative nature and her interest in finding out what motivates people.

Melanie Rechberger
Melanie Rechberger2

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