Marlene Hauder
Marlene Hauder2

Marlene Hauder, MSc

Recruiting Partner

From Mühlviertel with a passion for people and their stories. As a master's graduate with a focus on human resources and a sudy assistant at the HR Institute, she has always been curious about the diversity of HR processes and organizational cultures. Applying her professional experience in human resource management, Marlene now specializes in mentoring and matching candidates in the software engineering Domain since September 2022.

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10 Facts about Marlene

  • Nature person - due to her owning her own farm, she likes to be outdoors a lot. Hence her down-to-earth nature.
  • Loves music and everything that has to do with it. When singing she needs the support of her guitar and her sister.
  • Absolute family person. Would love to cuddle her little nephew all the time 😊
  • Good food and a glass of wine are must-haves for a cozy evening for two.
  • The staple food is meat in all its variations - mainly home-grown.
  • Likes to laugh, a lot and usually the loudest.
  • Inquisitive - constantly looking for new ideas and good books.
  • Tea lover.
  • Enthusiastic team player - is happiest when everyone is doing well.
  • Enjoys the little things in life.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Marlene:

Her commitment and her feeling for people. Coupled with her high quality standards and conscientious way of working - a perfect match.

Marlene Hauder
Marlene Hauder2

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