Magdalena Brachmayer
Magdalena Brachmayer2

Magdalena Brachmayer, BSc

Sourcing Partner

Studied business psychology with focus on market and advertising psychology and since 2022 Sourcing Patner at epunkt for the domain Finance, Legal and Assistance.

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10 Facts about Magdalena

  • Credo: "If it makes you happy, it's right" 😊
  • Finds joy in helping fellow human beings realize their potential. - No matter if in sports, private or in a job search.
  • Natural sciences & humanities = 🧡
  • Takes on the role as an "advice hotline" for her friends because "for every problem there is a solution".
  • Loves nature, the mountains & her racing bike. But also needs the urban balance from time to time.
  • Believes that a change of perspective can make a big difference.
  • Chicken or egg? - likes to philosophize about life.
  • Enjoys the simple things and likes to live consciously.
  • Morning person.
  • Sunrises & sports = perfect match!

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Magdalena:

Her positive attitude towards life and others.

Magdalena Brachmayer
Magdalena Brachmayer2

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