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Lukas Mayer, MSc

Recruiting Partner

Lukas and epunkt found each other in July 2021. He jumps into his projects with the same courage and intrepid spirit with which he approached his stays abroad. He has made it his mission to accompany clients and candidates to new career challenges.

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7 Facts about Lukas

  • Likes to be on the ball. And also on the dancefloor, often until the bitter end.
  • Has finally got his travel fever under control. Now anchored at home and loving his daily routine.
  • His favourite animal is white donkeys, what else? They have an innocent gaze, are trusty, industrious, and resilient. Often useful, yet frequently stubborn.
  • Looking past the horizon works best over a full plate of food.
  • Loves the art of diplomacy. Practices it whenever possible, though it hasn’t yet sufficed for the diplomatic academy.
  • Knows that a bird’s eye view provides the best perspective. Loves to climb to new heights, for example on a via ferrata.
  • Curiosity is his most loyal friend.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Lukas:

His openness, honesty, and authenticity that have made him an integral part of the team which loves working, celebrating, and laughing together.

Lukas Mayer 1
Lukas Mayer 2

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