Lisa Schirmbrand
Lisa Schirmbrand2

Lisa Schirmbrand, MSc

Recruiting Partner

Joined epunkt in October 2021 as a recruiting partner in the software engineering domain. Gained experience in Austria and abroad in recruiting in the scope of various internships. Earned a degree in Business and Economics in Vienna and Business Pedagogy in Graz. Wrote a master’s thesis on the effects of artificial intelligence on recruiting.

Contact / Location
epunkt Vienna
Universitätsring 8/6
1010 Vienna

7 Facts about Lisa

  • Loves food and trying new recipes and restaurants
  • A list-maker
  • Curious
  • Constantly travelling and discovering foreign lands
  • Goes swimming regardless of the temperature. There’s no such thing as too cold!
  • Completes at least one Sudoku a day.
  • Likes to be with others: family and friends are her source of energy.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Lisa:

Her open and friendly nature and her empathy. How she goes after challenges in a motivated and well-structured way and never stops pursuing her goals.

Lisa Schirmbrand
Lisa Schirmbrand2