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Linda Steinborn, MA

Sales Consultant

Studied interdisciplinary humanities and then did a lot of lonely text work as a proofreader and editor before realizing that working with customers is so much more fun. Since 2018, she has been working in sales with a lot of passion and is happy to have arrived at epunkt as a sales consultant in June 2022. An honest and sustainable cooperation with the customers is important to her.

Contact / Location
epunkt Vienna
Universitätsring 8/6
1010 Vienna

10 Facts about Linda

  • Open-minded, adventurous, and addicted to new things. Constantly seeks new experiences and further development.
  • Is very empathic and an advocate of non-violent communication - without a weapon, of course, because of non-violence.
  • Works and lives very organized, neat, and systematic.
  • Has an increase in her pulse when bouldering, dancing, or running and down again when meditating.
  • Pleasure-seeker. Loves good food. Eats no breakfast so she can eat extra for lunch and dinner.
  • A good listener, supportive and helpful - in winter also volunteers at the Caritas cold weather phone.
  • Enthusiastic. Sometimes plans a city trip 2,000 km away just to see a certain painting.
  • Since sustainability is a major concern for her, she even sits on the train for a long time to do so. Otherwise, she prefers to be in the forest.
  • Loves literature, language, and words. Often reads several books in parallel.
  • Very honest, but appreciative. Just communicates as non-violently as possible. 😉

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Linda:

Her flexible and solution-oriented approach, coupled with her great interest in people.

Linda Steinborn 1
Linda Steinborn 2

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