Laura Hörschläger
Laura Hörschläger2

Laura Hörschläger

Sourcing Partner

Has been supporting the epunkt sourcing team since December 2022. Prior to this, applied her skills in the areas of in recruiting, onboarding, and training, as well as managing apprentices.

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6 Facts about Laura

  • Most enjoys spending her summer vacation in her house on wheels, but has nothing against a 4* hotel
  • Communication, communication as equals, respect and appreciation are very important to her
  • You can find her at her coffee maker or on the tennis court in her free time
  • You won’t find any black clothes without cat dander at her house 😊
  • Expresses her creativity by knotting and making pottery
  • Grew up on a farm and loves being surrounded by nature

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Laura:

Extremely thirsty for knowledge and curious – not afraid to ask questions. Tries to understand people and look into what their needs are.

Laura Hörschläger
Laura Hörschläger2

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