Katrin Torggler
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Katrin Ahammer, BSc

Recruiting Partner

Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at the JK University Linz. Professional experience in market research project management. Joined epunkt in 2018 with a focus on business applications & digital transformation positions.

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6 Facts about Katrin

  • Extremely curious- was a detective in a past life, solves every case and can’t be led astray
  • Loves working with people and hearing their individual stories.
  • The best part of her job is finding a perfect match between candidate and client. “If the shoe fits, wear it!”
  • Adores Italy: pizza, pasta e amore per sempre
  • Loves organizing boxes in the fridge, much to the chagrin of her husband.
  • Has grown a few inches since May 2021 as proud mom.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Katrin:

Interested in people and a focus on their abilities and resources. High level of commitment and goal-oriented manner of working.

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Katrin Torggler
Katrin torggler 2

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