Julia Völk
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Mag. Julia Völk

Teamlead Recruiting

At epunkt since 2018. Proud she can help people find a job with as much meaning as she finds in hers. Responsible for perfect matches in the areas of finance, legal and assistance. Her commercial education, Law degree, and experience help her along the way.

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6 Facts about Julia

  • Takes the most pleasure in win-win-win situations; when candidate, client, and epunkt are all thrilled.
  • Each time you laugh, a problem somewhere dies.
  • Music is always an option. Dancing, too.
  • Loves excursions. Mystery tours and trips into the great outdoors.
  • Nature = pure relaxation.
  • Family person.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Julia:

How she delights in pursuing and reaching goals as a team. Her open communication and how much fun she has working for and with others.

Julia Völk
Julia voelk 2

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