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Judith Gürster

Recruiting Partner

A recruiting partner at epunkt Munich since 2013. Supports in the recruiting of suitable candidates with elan. As a trained legal business administrator with years of experience, she is a capable bookkeeper and office manager.

8 Facts about Judith

  • Loves exactness, flexibility, and communication at work
  • Resilient thanks to tough schooling by her three sons
  • Always positive, with a smile on her lips
  • Always open to a good book, ideas for handicrafts, or a game night
  • Always there for her family and friends
  • Likes to sing, but no one wants to hear her singing since she learned to play the transverse flute.
  • Likes standup paddleboarding but not swimming.
  • Loves pugs and never shares her dessert.

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Judith:

Her service orientation and how much fun she has working for and with others.