Johanna Schwöllberger
Johanna Schwöllberger

Johanna Schwöllberger

Sourcing Partner

Multiple years of experience in the metal industry with a specialisation in quality control in the aerospace branch. Also has experience in technical quality control with a focus on internal and external non-conformance processing. Joined epunkt as a sourcing partner for engineering profiles in 2021 and is studying HR and Personnel Management.

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10 Facts about Johanna

  • Optimist – able to see something positive in every situation
  • Warm and winning – tries to get a smile out of everyone
  • Always curious and interested – looking for challenges
  • Pragmatic, congenial, open
  • Loves enamel dishes and old furniture with a history
  • Wishes for world peace
  • An enthusiast for baking bread
  • Likes to share often and everything – except her french fries ;-)
  • Relaxes outside, in the mountains, or on a climbing wall
  • Bookworm

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Johanna:

Her flexible, uncomplicated nature in all matters, along with her years of experience and her warm, winning personality.

Johanna Schwöllberger
Johanna Schwöllberger

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