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Johanna Hartl, MSc

Recruiting Partner

Joined epunkt in October 2021 as a recruiting partner in IT management. After several years of experience in various HR roles, she decided she wanted to match candidates and companies herself and be a valuable career consultant for applicants.

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7 Facts about Johanna

  • Relaxes well when travelling, exercising, or being outside.
  • Lived in the USA for awhile
  • Is a flexitarier
  • Dreams of finishing her first mini triathlon
  • Is often very exacting
  • Loves kitschy Christmas movies
  • Has a weakness for chocolate

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Johanna:

Her amiable, open, and charming approach to candidates and clients. And the interesting insights from her professional experience in different HR roles.

Johanna Hartl 1
Johanna Hartl 2

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