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Jasmin Sterner

Recruiting Partner

Joined epunkt in May 2022 as a recruiting partner for ERP, applications & digital positions. Prior experience in recruiting at a large corporation. Earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a master’s in Business and Economics with a focus on Organisation and Personnel.

Contact / Location
epunkt Vienna
Universitätsring 8/6
1010 Vienna

10 Facts about Jasmin

  • A cat lady
  • Bavarian and Thai roots
  • Is very enthusiastic about escape rooms
  • Sushi is always an option. Pizza, too 😉
  • Team player with a good sense of humor
  • Still has to work on her green thumb
  • Prefers sweet to salty popcorn
  • Has a thing for candles and decorations
  • A fan of crossword puzzles
  • Likes making to-do lists

What epunkt particularly appreciates about Jasmin:

Her positivity and openness towards others and her fun, appreciative, and respectful attitude. Always has a smile on her lips and is open to new things.

Jasmin Sterner1
Jasmin Sterner2

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